What's New?

Here's the page to visit when you want to see what's new! I hope to add new free printables each week. All printables are geared toward preschool, kindergarten and early primary children. My goal is to make this a great site for teachers to use to complement their program! This is where you can look to see what I've added so that you don't miss anything!



Flower Roll and Build Game

Added April 15

Flowers Clothespin Numbers game

Added May 2

Flower Days of the Week cards

Added April 13

Flower Page

Added April 13

I had a request for flower activities. I've just started making some content and will add to this page this week. Thanks for the suggestion!

Earth Day abc strips and Alphabet cards

Added Feb 23


Rainbow clothespin game for St. Patrick's Day

Added Feb 18

Rainbow Spin and Spell game for St. Patrick's Day

Added Feb 19

Heart Patterning Cards

Added February 3

St. Patrick's Day Days of the Week Cards

Added Feb 17

Valentine's Day Page

Added Jan 29

Heart Days of the Week Cards

Valentine In the Word/Not in the Word game

Added Feb 1

Heart Race

Added Jan 30


fall leaves flip book

Added October 11

Christmas and Gingerbread Theme Page

More will be added throughout the weekend!

Sorry for being away for so long... "life" happened!

Added December 8

bat color flip books

Added October 6

Halloween number word flip books

I'll soon be adding number (digit) flip book too.

Added October 8

bat patterning

Added Sept 19

bat numeration

Added Sept 30

schoolhouse templates for class organization (color and black and white)

Added August 31

Pumpkin number line

Pumpkin number ordering

Added September 9

Season wheel (for your calendar wall)

Added August 27

Superhero abc strips and alphabet cards

Added August 30

square and circle calendar pieces and monthly headers

square and circle days of the week cards

Added August 23

square triangle circle rectangle calendar pieces and monthly headers

square triangle circle rectangle days of the week cards

Added August 24

superhero numeration activity sheet (b/w)

Added August 9

pumpkin number cards

Added August 10

Superhero page! More items coming soon!

Added August 7

superhero calendar pieces

superhero spin and spell

Added August 8

Hi everyone! I have just returned from a five week camping trip! I will be thinking up new printables and post new ones within the next couple of days! Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for visiting! Remember! I'm happy to take requests!


Crayon number flip book

Added August 6th

Fall Leaves page

Lots of activities, calendar pieces, days of the week, roll and build, patterns, number cards, spin and spell etc.

Added July 2


fire safety cards

Added June 26

peanut free classroom signs

peanut free reminder slips for lunchboxes

Added June 26