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What's the Weather?

Free printables for your weather theme unit! Great for kindergarten, preschool, daycare or primary teachers!

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season wheel

use this wheel for your daily calendar. Cut out an arrow from black construction paper. Use a pin to poke through the middle of the circle, place a brad through the rectangular base of the arrow, and put the brad through the center of the circle. Bend the clips from the brad and move the arrow to match the appropriate season.


sun clothespin counting activity

Print these pages, and then cut out the boxes. Count the suns and then put a sticker on the back of the card beneath the correct answer for self checking. Use clothespins to pin on the correct number!


Weather graph and spinner

Use this spinner to play a graphing game! Print it on cardstock, and laminate. Then, use a pin to poke through the middle of the circle. Place a paperclip on a brad, and put the brad through the hole. Bend the clips from the brad and flick the spinner! If you land on a sun, put a marker in the correct column on the graph!

Spring rain

I have an entire page for spring rain activities at this link!

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