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Pirate pick a number and build it!

Roll a dice or pick a number out of a bag. Add the appropriate puzzle piece to build this cute pirate and his parrot!

Pirate days of the week

Use these day of the week cards as part of your daily calendar routine with your students! Teach them to seriate the days in order, or to read them by focusing on the first letter of each word!

Pirate calendar pieces

Here are pirate calendar pieces with an aab pattern. Teach your children about patterning using this cute hat and parrot!

Pirate calendar header

These are for the top of your calendar. I have May and June. If you would like another month, let me know by email!

pirate tic tac toe

play this fun game just as you would the traditional tic tac toe game! Encourage your little ones to use effective turn taking and thinking skills!


Pirate math worksheet

Use this activity as a worksheet for your students to practice their adding skills. The second page has manipulatives for your students to cut and paste into the appropriate box. One sheet (page 2) should work for four students.


Welcome to my printables site! I will be adding new printables each week for you to enjoy! I hope that you find them useful. Please keep in mind that all graphics in my printables are drawn by me using Appleworks. They are original. You are welcome to use them to make copies for classroom use but do not copy my work directly in any message board or website or similar page on the internet. Feel free to post a link to my site on your own website if you would like to share this material with others! Thank you!