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Fall Leaves!


fall leaf sort

Use foam leaves from the dollar store or from Oriental Trading Company for this activity. Children sort leaves by colour or by type. You can also print out copies of the leaves on the last page if you prefer.

fall leave calendar pieces and header

Calendar pieces in an abc repeating pattern help students build one to one correspondence, number recognition and patterning skills. Monthly headers for October and November are also available.

fall leaves day of the week cards

Day of the week cards with fall leaves! Teach seriation, and letter sound correspondence by focusing on the first letter in the week word.

fall leave patterning cards

Use foam leaves from the dollar store or from the Oriental Trading Company for this activity. Children can copy and extend the various patterns.

fall leaves clothespin game

Print these pages, and then cut out the boxes. Count the leaves and then put a sticker on the back of the card behind the correct answer for self checking. Use clothespins to pin on the correct number!

leaves spin and spell

Use this spinner to build the word! Print it on cardstock, and laminate. Use a pin to poke through the middle of the circle. Place a paperclip on a brad, and put the brad through the hole. Bend the clips from the brad and flick the spinner! If you land on the letter "l" then put a word tile for that letter on the corresponding space on the game card! If you spin a letter you don't need, you miss a turn!

roll a fall tree game


Roll a dice or pick a number out of a bag. Add the appropriate puzzle piece to build this fall tree.

Print out either the game with numbers, or the game with dots representing dice! The dots are easier for children who don't yet know their numbers by sight.


fall leaves flip book

To make these flip books, print the first page and then turn the paper over and insert it into your printer to print the second page. You may have to experiment with the format of your printer. Students can color, then cut along the lines to make these cute flip books.


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