Play 2 Learn Printables

Welcome to the Theme Page! Here you will find lots of thematic activities to make learning fun! Print them up, gather the materials and then store them in a large ziploc bag! Young children love to learn when they can engage in hands on activities! These printables make great learning centers!

New printables every week!







summer fun

picnics, watermelons, etc.



earth day construction pirates



Canada (beavers and maple leaves)   school days



Racoons (Based on the book "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn)

fall leaves Superheroes

Christmas and Gingerbread


Valentine's Day transportation weather


For many of my activities, I use craft foam shapes as manipulatives! You can buy them at many dollar stores, or craft supply stores! I use heavy cardstock to print the items on and laminate for durability. You may also use mac tac or shelf paper adhesive to accomplish the same!



Welcome to my printables site! I will be adding new printables each week for you to enjoy! I hope that you find them useful. Please keep in mind that all graphics in my printables are drawn by me using Appleworks. They are original. You are welcome to use them to make copies for classroom use but do not copy my work directly in any message board or website or similar page on the internet. Feel free to post a link to my site on your own website if you would like to share this material with others! Thank you!