Play 2 Learn Printables

Pick a Number Learning puzzles!

Children have fun while practicing their counting and number recognition skills. Teachers can encourage turn taking while children build an object or character!

Mr. Potato Head

Children love Mr. Potato Head! Use the pieces provided in the printable to build him, or use one of the real toys!


Use this to compliment a farm thematic unit for your kindergarten or preschool class! !

Bee and hive

See the Beautiful Bug theme unit for more teaching ideas for your preschooler or kindergarten child!



Use a black or dark blue sheet of paper as the backdrop for this building activity! See the Camping theme page for more ideas for this theme, or instructions on how to play!




watch the jack-o-lantern come to life with this fun number activity!

Fall leaves

You may print out the tree trunk and branches provided or cut one out of paper to save ink. Use either the game cue card with dice pictures or with numbers.

The Kissing Hand

The little ones love to see Chester and his mom next to the moon! Enjoy this activity as a response to the wonderful book written by Audrey Penn


See the flower theme page for more flower printables





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